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Your digital radio may not automatically find the new stations broadcast by Bristol Digital Radio.

Simple Steps to add new stations to your digital radio

You’ll need to tell your Digital Radio to “autoscan” or “autotune”.

On most radios, there’s an button marked “Menu” or “Function”. Press this button.

Then use either the tuning knob or arrow keys to go through the options until you see Autoscan or Autotune.

Click the knob in, or press OK.

The radio display will show “Scanning” and maybe a progress bar moving along from left to right. It may also show an increasing count of stations found.

When it’s finished, your list of stations will be up to date.

Just tune through the list of stations as you would do normally, and you can choose the new stations just as you would the old stations.

If you can’t see the new stations from Bristol Digital Radio

Check that you’re in our coverage area.

Your radio may not check the specific frequency that we use. If you have a Manual Tune mode, you can try tuning to frequency 9B (204.640MHz).