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Technical Information

This information is provided for people with a technical interest in our multiplex operations. If you just want to listen to our stations, you don’t need to look at this page.

Multiplex Information

FrequencyChannel 9B (204.640MHz)
Ensemble ID0xc1d3
Ensemble Label – Long (Short)Bristol – East (Bris – E)
Announcements (FIG0/18 & FIG0/19)Not currently signalled by any service
Service Following (FIG0/6)Not currently signalled by any service
Transmission Sites / TII codes (decimal)Clifton (35/19)
Knowle (35/21)
Keynsham (35/8)
SPI (EPG) serviceService ID – 0xe1c000d4
MSC Packet Data Channel – address 0x01
Typical rotation time – 90 seconds @ 8kbit/s

Service Information

Service Label (Short)Service IDLanguagePtyBitrateEncodingApps
SOMER VALLEY (SMR VLLY)0xc081English (0x09)Pop (0x0a)48HE-AAC v2D+/S/E
BCfm (BCfm)0xc6d4English (0x09)Pop (0x0a)48HE-AAC v2D/S/E
Ujima (Ujima)0xcfbdEnglish (0x09)Pop (0x0a)48HE-AAC v2D/S/E
Bradley Stoke (BStoke)0xc987English (0x09)Pop (0x0a)48HE-AAC v2D/S/E
Fun Kids Naps (Fun Naps)0xc7c1English (0x09)Other (0x0f)32HE-AAC v2D
Radio Maria Eng (RMariaEn)0xc9eaEnglish (0x09)Religion (0x14)32HE-AAC v2D
KTCR (KTCR)0xcb53English (0x09)Pop (0x0a)48HE-AAC v2D/S/E
Fun Kids Party (FK Party)0xc4faEnglish (0x09)Other (0x0f)32HE-AAC v2D/S
Gaydio (Gaydio)0xc897English (0x09)Pop (0x0a)40HE-AAC v2D/E
DECADANCE BRISTOL (DECADNCE)0xcff3English (0x09)Other (0x0f)48HE-AAC v2D/S
BASE RADIO (BASE RAD)0xc1e4English (0x09)Pop (0x0a)48HE-AAC v2D/S/E
Fun Kids (Fun Kids)0xcfd8English (0x09)Children’s
32HE-AAC v2D
SWU0xc07eEnglish (0x09)Pop (0x0a)64HE-AAC v2D/S
KOOL FM0xcdf6English (0x09)Pop (0x0a)64HE-AAC v2D/S
Select Radio0xcbd4English (0x09)Other (0x0f)48HE-AAC v2D/E
All services broadcast in stereo unless marked “m”. Apps: D = DLS, D+ = DL+, S = Slideshow, E = SPI (EPG)